Sweet Child of Mine


Last week, I met with my new doctor and got to hear the baby’s heartbeat.  It was 160.  Today, I got to see a the baby.  Since, I am 35 and considered high risk, my doctor suggested this ultrasound.  The doctor looked at the baby and also did some blood work.  The doctor said the baby looked healthy.  He let me hear the heartbeat again today.  It was 152.  The doctor asked, if I wanted to know the gender.  I said “yes!”  He said he wouldn’t paint the room yet, but believes it’s a girl!  Steve and Christopher are still set on it being a boy.  We go back in 5 weeks and will be able to find out for sure!  Using the baby’s measurements today, the doctor also changed my due date to December 14th.   I can’t wait to see this sweet face on July 7th!

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