Super Hero #16

One of my students had an obsession with superheroes for a while this spring.  He had given each one a number up to 15.  I tried to get him to say #16 Ms. Scott for a long time.  His parents spent one weekend drilling him on it and I finally achieved super hero status!

These days I wish I could be a super hero.  I wish I could make our world right and the pain go away.  I wish I could be as strong as a super hero is ALL the time.  I try to be strong,.  I can smile, I can laugh and I can go on with my day.  There are moments though that I am week and the pain and sadness catch me off guard.  These days tears seem to come easily and at the strangest most unexpected moments.   Like last weekend when I listened to Steve wake C up.  It was sad for me to realize that Willow will never be woken up by him singing to her.  These times are hard.

As hard as this is to say, I am glad to know our outcome.  We have started the grieving process now and can plan for the days ahead.  I have been reading blogs by woman who have lost their children.  Most of whom the loss was unexpected.  I can’t imagine how that would feel.  This is hard enough. 

I have two more weeks and then head back to work, I will be wearing my super hero cape then.  I don’t know to tell an entire staff about our daughter and I really don’t want to have them look at me with pity and sadness.  That is the worst.  I must say, that I am fortunate enough to work with the most supportive staff.   I just want the first week to go by fast and then I can hide in my cave of a classroom with my kiddos. 

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