July 21, 2010

Last Friday, I finally called my Ob to see if she would continue seeing us through this pregnancy.  Frankly, I had been putting off the call because I am sick of doctors.  It seems like the past few weeks we have either been at a doctor’s office or calling one on the phone.  My Ob’s nurse called me back and said Dr. M wanted us to go meet with the Dr. Z, the high risk doctor.  I kindly told her that we had already spoken with him.  The nurse told me that they were aware of the meeting, but that Dr. M wanted us to have a counseling session regarding our decision and then she would see us on August 2nd.   I called Steve and told him that I felt like a walking plague.  Alas, we scheduled our appointment with Dr. Z. 

On Wednesday, Steve and I walked back into Children’s and again we were not only impressed with the hospital, but the staff in the maternal fetal medicine area.  The nurse (who happens to be my best friends sister-in-law, but I didn’t know this until after our first appointment) checked my vitals and got me ready for an ultrasound.  She said Dr. Z would take a peak since he hadn’t see the little one yet.  Another sonographer came in and took some initial shots and measurements. She also recorded the ultrasound so we have video of Willow!  It is hard to see her on the screen and realize she is a sick little girl.   She was sleeping peaceful and had a heartbeat of 144.   Oh, I love her so and think she has the cutest little feet and the most beautiful little spine.  Dr. Z came in along with our first sonographer.  Steve and I think she was watching because this was her first case of triploidy.  I am content with this because our daughter could a offer a teaching experience.  Dr. Z was very down to earth and said “well, I didn’t expect to see you two back so soon!”  We do like him and feel comfortable with him.  He too thought we had covered everything last week, but did offer a few things to consider as we go forth.  He again said the rest of the pregnancy would be about my health.   He took a peak and mentioned some concerns that were not told to us by our original high risk doctor.  This was a little upsetting.  I see why our original doctor may not have mentioned all of the soft markers he saw in the ultrasound at first, but I really wish that after the amino he had asked us to come back in and explain everything that is going on with Willow.  On Wednesday we learned there are issues with her central nervous system, a very small stomach and  that she has no kidneys. She did gain 2ounces and now weighs about 7 ounces.  She still measures a few weeks behind in all areas.  This is apart of triploidy.  We continue to count our blessings and enjoy the time that we have with her.  This is not to say that we don’t have our moments and that this is not difficult, but we are doing so much better this week. 

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Erika said...

Love you, & love each precious chance that you get to see your little Willow.