What’s in a Name?

Last Saturday, I told Steve that I wanted to give our daughter a name.  He said “okay” and then I bawled and couldn’t tell him the name I was thinking of.  Eventually, I pulled myself together and told him Willow.  I am not gonna lie, there was another girl name on the table, but this one seemed to fit better.   Willow was one that Steve had suggested many months before.  I am not sure if he was serious about it or not.   The name had been going through my mind ever since the doctor said those fateful words on Wednesday.  It seemed to fit her and our situation. Her movements on the ultrasound were graceful like branches on a willow tree.  She is also so very tiny and probably won’t grow very big on Earth, but in Heaven she will grow big and strong.  Our hearts will always weep for Willow.  It is the perfect name for her.

Our daughter’s name:  Willow Ann Scott

Oh and Amy if you read this..do you remember playing under the willow tree in the common area when we were little?  The branches touched the ground and we would hide under there for hours.  Such fond memories!

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