June 18th

On June 18th, I had another check up with Dr. McIntire.  I was 14 weeks along.  She had received all results from our NT ultrasound and thought everything looked good.  Dr. McIntire asked if Dr. Weiss was able to tell us the gender of the baby.  I told her he said “It looks like a girl, but don’t paint the room yet.”  She laughed when I told her that my husband and son were still holding out for a boy!  {for the baby – your Daddy doesn’t want a girl because he doesn’t want to have to deal with boyfriends!}  She found the babies heartbeat immediately this time.  It was a good solid 150.   Dr. McIntire said if you believe in old wives tales then the heartbeat suggests a girl.  She then said she doesn’t believe in old wives tales! Either way, it is such a relief to hear that sound at each appointment! 

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