Silent Night


Silent Night

This week my principal presented me with this beautiful book along with a certificate.  The book will be added our school library and we can keep the certificate.  My principal has been incredibly supportive of me during the past several months.  She also understands the pain of losing a child.  She too lost her first daughter.  As she gave me the book, she told me how important it is to have items like this because it helps you know she existed.  She totally gets it.  I don’t get to have Willow here, so I like to have things that tell me she was real.  That the past 10 months really did happen. I took the book home and read it.  I love the song Silent Night.  It is the one part of Christmas that I am looking forward to.  I really want to go to Christmas Eve service and sing Silent Night as the congregation lights candles one by one.  The book and the sentiment is very meaningful. 

IMG_6033 ~ The certificate ~

IMG_6034 ~ The sticker on the inside of the book ~

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