Today, October 15th is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day.  Today families from all over will remember the children they have lost.  Today, we remember our daughter Willow Ann.  I was  lucky to have carried her for nearly 29 weeks.  Willow was the child that I had prayed for for years.  She has been gone for 3 weeks.  Our hearts will never truly heal, but we are learning to move forward.  It isn’t easy and some days we stumble.  I have learned it is okay to laugh and it is also okay to cry.  We know she is healed and in Heaven.  We know we will see her and hold her again.  It is because of our faith that we have gotten through the past few months and because we believe in Him that we know we will hold her again.  If we didn’t have that, it would make this so much more difficult. 

74090020 ~ In her Daddy’s arms and with her huge pink bow hat ~

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